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March 19, 2012
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Control by FenrisDeSolar Control by FenrisDeSolar
Nope, no penis. You'll have to read the explanation to sort of get why.

Um, it looks better on paper. That's all I can say really. The colours here are very pale and bland in comparison to what the actual drawing looks like. I think I need a new scanner.

Um, yes. Shepard. Sketch done with a blue ink ball-point pen, fine-lined with a sharpie, coloured with a mixture of fiberpens and highlighters.

I art like a five-year-old. :/

Explanation for this picture?


One of the ME3 endings gives you the option of "Controlling" the Reapers.

In my mind, Shepard does get to "Control" them, but this control comes at a complete loss of autonomy, as well as humanity. When Shepard connects to the Catalyst/Crucible, nanites start rebuilding him cell by cell until he is as much machine as the Reapers themselves are.

Shepard will eventually come to control the Reapers just as they were always meant to be, just as they were before; he sets them loose in the galaxy every 50,000 years. A line of reasoning that was alien and abominable to him before makes sense, because Shepard doesn't really exist anymore--he's just a robot, built by the creator of the Reapers. And so the Control ending just delays the cycle of the extinction, and it'll be hundreds, possibly thousands of years until the galaxy realises that they never won anything apart from time.

Either way; there's a small fic attached to this. I'll post it later.

Oh, also, yes, it does say Kaidan Alenko one of the screen behind him. For as long as Shepard still has his own mind, he circulates the files and records on all his crew on the monitors around him. But mostly Kaidan because that was his LI. 8D
babiifrshj07 Mar 20, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist


I always chose synthesis and my Shep lived. I figure everyone wins with synthesis. After all, it is the final stage of evolution according to "creepy" reaper boy. lol Anywho, I love this concept though. It's amazing, really. He kind of reminds me of Saren here.
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